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Remember Me? Results 1 to 10 of Thread Tools Show Printable Version. Downloads 2 Uploads 0. BMW MS What interface can be used for this DME? Regards, Mark. Downloads 18 Uploads 0. Hi, I think a Magpro will do these. Downloads Uploads 0. Originally Posted by se Downloads 26 Uploads 0. So this can't be done via obd? Originally Posted by motorsportsz. So there in no tool via OBD? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Downloads 20 Uploads 0. BDM only as far as i know.

Dosen't matter how hard is to repair something as long is made by humans and thinked by humans! Downloads 13 Uploads 0. I read yesterday with ktag. Originally Posted by mplinux. Last edited by se93; 31st January, at PM. Originally Posted by alfons Bookmarks Bookmarks Digg del. The time now is PM. Digital Kaos does not condone any illegal operations, including obtaining premium tv for free. Digital Kaos does not accept responsibilty for the loss of any equipment used.

Everything discussed on this forum is for experimental and educational purposes only. Use the information at your own risk.Another version was used on the M3 model MSS The ECU is one component in the engine management for the car and is tied into other modules and systems. When searching for used MS43 parts make sure you specify a i to ensure the correct components. Why Convert from One to Another?

For our purposes, we need to convert certain models to MS43 to meet the requirements in the Spec E46 racing class.

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As a spec class where all of the cars use the same equipment, it was decided that one ECU and one accepted tuned file from Epic Motorsports would be allowed. This reduces costs and eliminates complex differences between systems and any claimed advantages of one system over the other. For other tuning work MS43 may have some advantages as well and vice versa but we will not be addressing those here. Our focus is only on the Spec E46 racing class. The entire engine harness was changed with different connectors for various sensors and components.

There are multiple ways to accomplish this conversion and we will outline a few here. Many of the parts required for a conversion can be purchased used, while some should only be bought new. For a complete and hassle-free conversion, the entire list from Option 1 should be completed. Option 1: Complete Replacement Most reliable and consistent for maintenance and parts ordering.

This will convert everything to MS43 spec so it is the more expensive but least hassle option. Everything below is a direct bolt-on replacement and should be plug-and-play see EWS section below.

Siemens MS45

Therefore, it should be the most reliable as well with no wiring-related faults or failures. For parts purposes your engine will be the same as a i. If you are comfortable with electrical wiring you can modify the MS45 coil harness see image below.

This will allow you to keep your MS45 valve cover, ignition coils, and the rest of your original harness saving money. The downside is that you will have a mix of early and late parts that may be confusing when it comes time to order parts. And your wiring skills will dictate the reliability of your modification. You can re-pin the existing plug or buy a new blank plug and the pins and start from scratch. The difference is shown in the image below.

We have identified similar plugs from the BMW catalog but your best option may be to change both harnesses to a more reliable design such as a Deutsch connector. You can also find specialists in the SE46 community who will build you a wiring harness to match your needs.We have often been asked for an EWS delete chip. That is, a chip that boosts horsepower of their i and deletes the EWS protection at the same time.

EWS Deletion Chip

If you have a car earlier than or later than or if the ECU is not Bosch, but Siemens, this article will not apply. Otherwise, starter and ignition will be disabled.

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One of the purposes of the EWS DELETE chips is disabling the security system, so the car can start and run with any key as long as it is mechanically cut to match the lock cylinder.

The other purpose is to boost performance through reprogrammed fuel and ignition maps. For the chip to work properly, some simple wiring tampering to the EWS module must be done. By the way, if you happen to touch the battery with your DME chassis while it is still connected to the wiring harness, note that while the DME could be damaged by that, most of the times what gets damaged is the Airflow meter, as explained in the link below:.

Engine problems after touching the battery terminal with the ecm of my BMW i. As you can check in the video above, the wires you will need to tamper are two wires for enabling the starter and one wire that sends a signal from the EWS module to the DME wire 66 in the DME :.

It is wired to pin 66 of the DME module. Cut wires 1 and 3 from the EWS module and join the part of the wires that go away from the module and cover with insulating tape or wire nuts. This will enable the starter. The cons of this are of course, that your car will no longer be protected by the EWS system as long as you have this modification in place. Another pro is that you may have as many copies of your keys as you wish and will not have to spend pricey in programming services from the dealer.

Automotive Products, Services and Articles. Below are pictures for reaching the EWS Control Module, but you will obviously find it easier if you watch the video above. Tags: bmw i i performance chips ews delete cancel disable bmw e36 ews 2 bmw e36 ews delete chip bmw ews 2 ews e36 bypass ews ii delete chip. I have a question, if I buy one of those chips, will they work on my ews ecu if I cut the wire 7 at the ews module foe sure?

Welcome again Neftali. Yes, if you get one of those chips and your car is EWS equipped, all you will need to do is disconnect the wire 7 from you EWS-II module or 66 from the ecu.

I wanted to ask, is there any chance for a modified version of the directory listing script, with an iphone-stylish like design?The MS45 and MS The primary differences between MS45 and MS The MS45 external flash is comprised of a large kb block, which contains both the program space and the parameter space.

The parameter space is a subsection located within that larger block and is approximately kb in size found from 0x to 0x5CF7F. However some tools such as the Frieling Racing flash tool will write a full kb from 0x to 0x5CFFF, which is fine, the extra bytes aren't used they are just filler basically.

These are the tools you would use to read or write a tune to your car. Their only job is to take a file, or tune, and get it onto the car, or read the current tune from the car so you can use a different piece of software to edit that tune. Very few have cracked this so far, although with today's compute power it is totally possible using brute force tactics and only a couple days of time, and the know-how.

bmw ms45

So expect these options to grow over the next few years, but for now, it is what it is. Many tuning packages rely on definition files, or maps. These are not publicly available, and many tuners only have access to a very limited or partial map pack. That said, only a fraction of those typically are changed when tuning these cars.

Rails params array

Most of these tools expect that you already have a way to read and write to your DME using a flashing tool. There are at least two checksums in the MS45, and one of them is not very straightforward. You will either need to correct these checksums by hand, or you'll need your flashing tool to correct them for you on the fly during the flash process. The primary checksum you'll deal with when editing values in the parameter space is found at 0x The default checked region is 0xx5CFFF.

A second checksum, primarily for logical switches, is stored in the middle of the tune. This is equivalent to the "additional checksum" on the MS The parameter RSA signature is stored at 0x The following list contains a selection of the most used terms. The lambda sensors for closed loop operation are narrowband for the MS45 and wideband for the MS Fuel trim learning for the MS There are several parameters that control when "full load" is determined, such as a minimum RPM, minimum operating temp, etc.

If you will be changing the size of your fuel injectors, such as when charging your engine, some parameters will need to be adjusted accordingly. You will need to adjust the global injection time correction as well as the dead time correction for your new injectors. Calculate the difference in percentage of volume flow between stock and your new injectors and adjust the following parameter accordingly.

Stock value is 1. I've found. If the first 30 seconds of your cold starts are rough, you can try increasing these values to add more cold startup fuel before the wideband O2 sensors kick in for lambda control:.

The other tables should be kept safe. When running boost the amount of air flowing through the engine is greatly increased. In order for throttle control to work properly the Intake Manifold Model has to be adjusted to compensate, as well as a couple torque maps.

bmw ms45

These two go hand-in-hand. If you increase the Intake Manifold Model alone, the car will never go into full throttle. If you do not increase the Intake Manifold Model the car will go to full throttle way too soon.

If the model is too low, then the car will go into full throttle too soon during the throttle pedal travel.

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You ideally want to increase these tables based on the percent increase in air you are seeing at the MAF at various stages through the RPM band compared to stock or NA form:.

These maps control how far open the throttle plate moves in relation to the pedal travel. The strategy here is to leave the torque values themselves the same as stock, but adjust the engine load values to match the higher airflow we are moving with our charger.Last News. BMW-Explorer V Now programming takes only 1. F-R- series. Add module write Calibrations F and G series. Each launch of the software if there is no active Internet connection reduces the counter by 1 unit, If there is an Internet connection,software does not reduce the counter.

If the counter is decreased with an active Internet connection, the program will automatically renew its counter. Also you can renew it through the license manager in offline mode. If there is a need to work without an Internet connection, simply extend the license and you will have 20 offline tokens.

BMW MS45.0 MS45.1 DME ECM ECU Engine Control Module Rebuilt

ECU-Explorer V Key programming for Rolls-Royce cars is possible now!! Fog,head,xenon lamp control voltage etc. Improved clear DTC function during quick test and many other improvements. Extra programmer for dump reading is necessary. Improved key programming functionality for CAS4 F-series. All versions supported from now.

More DTC explanations added for F-series models. CAS4 N55 engine key programming video manual added.We are committed to providing exceptional service to our customers and maintain normal business hours, 9ampm PST.

Generalized digital (k0,k1)-homeomorphism

Disclaimer: This product is not compliant with the California Air Resource Board and not for use on public roads in California. Power ratings are subject to conditions and dynamometer model used.

Any major changes in airflow components such as high flow cats or enlarged throttle body diameters may require custom tuning optimization which VF does not include or provide. Customer understands that modifying their car bares certain risks including engine failure and both parties understand and agree to hold VF Engineering harmless of liability from installation and use of this product.

It is therefore NOT legal for use on public roads in the State of California or other states with similar laws. By installing this product on your vehicle you assume all responsibility and consequences. Supercharger Systems are considered special order, and not returnable without written consent by VF Engineering. Components and sensors near the limit of their wear tolerance may need replacement. VF-Engineering is not responsible for trouble shooting, diagnostic costs or consequential cost.

Not legal for street use in State of California. Menu Cart. Land Rover Range Rover 5. Add To Cart. Call or email sales vf-engineering. Stage 1 - ECU Tuning. Coming Soon. Review coming soon. Related Products. Contact VF Engineering Inc.Future tiers will include "Advanced" and "Pro" which will include significantly more functionality, including custom tuning and the use of the Bimmerlabs tuning database.

You may have noticed a lack of updates in - at least visible updates many upgrades happened in the background. I have simply been unable to be as responsive as I'd wish. For that, I apologize. Recently, our security certificate expired. Mostly due to an issue with missing admin notes, accidentally deleted a couple months ago when I discovered Azure had taken up all of the server's disk space with log files.

Anyhow, that is now resolved we always take security extremely seriously.

bmw ms45

Bimmerlabs is not dead or going away anytime soon. But we've re-grouped, and this year, we'd like to realize one of the major goals this site always had - namely, eliminating ourselves as the middle-man, and allowing users some ability for self tuning for the most popular models of BMWs. This does mean we'll have to scale back our original ambitions.

2882, 2883 Fuel Trim Adaptations

We'll probably never support anything past the E-series BMWs. That's fine - there are millions of E-series cars out there, waiting to be tuned. Also, we'll probably be sticking to WinKFP for flashing, as rolling a flash-app for a phone has proven to be basically impossible I have had many offers, but no follow through - it's always harder than it appears.

For more than a year, we've have a beta stand alone flash app for the PC, but it would only be difficult to ensure it's as reliable as the factory BMW flash software - WinKFP. It does mean we'll be limited to flashing on PCs, and we'll have to work on improving the automated scripts that flash the DME for you. But given we can hardly keep up with the support requests we already have, that's fine too.

You're always free to use alternative flashing methods with Bimmerlabs files as well. The primary goal in the next few months: complete support for the most common use cases of E-series BMWs. Enable self-tuning, including pre-selected tuning options. The idea is to make the site not rely on me or anyone else having to answer an email; instead you can pick what you want, and the site will develop the tune, or you could access the maps directly.

This would cost a reasonable fee, but it will also allow us to continue to run this site. We want the site to be sustainable so that your tuning needs can be met at a reasonable cost, without us getting in the way; benefiting everyone.

Expect some sort of major update here in the 1st quarter of Until then, I'll try to answer some of the 3 bazillion emails I've not been able to get to in the last couple months. The information was locked away, and something simple like coding out an error code would cost hundreds of dollars. A group of enthusiasts from all over the world got together and 'cracked' the DME - basically, we just figured out what made it tick.

As we were working on the E46 M3 computers, we started to develop skills in things like disassembly and hex editing. WinOLS has more power, but it's locked up and expensive. At some point, we realized automated XDF generation made a lot more sense. But another issue is for each car, there could be 20 or more program variants - which means every one of them has different addresses, or 'offsets', for each parameter. Each parameter for each program version had to be found by hand - again, time consuming and nearly impossible to do manually.

We started Bimmerlabs because existing tools could not effectively solve these problems. WinOLS has some abilities to align files from different programs, but licenses are expensive and the scale of it's abilities didn't fit our goals. Currently, the 'beta' version 0. The current tools allow us to offer 'Stage 0' tunes for specific N52B30 powered models - which allow you to run a factory '3 stage' tune on lower-powered models at no cost.

Bmw ms45

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