While the hostility between the two families increased with the shooting of Azat, the mysteriously emerged Aslan took the blame and dragged Azize into a great panic. With the arrival of her only Hazar who caught Reyyan and Miran together, could not control his anger and pressed the gun trigger. Although his intention was not to harm Miran, Reyyan understood the anger of her father and tried Miran, who gives up the revenge, decides to go to Midyat and build a life with Reyyan away from everything.

This decision is accepted by the Sadoglu family, but Azize Aslanbey, who suffered after the Check out the movies and shows we're excited about this month, including " Star Trek: Discovery " and After We Collided. See the full list. In the center of the story is the fate of a young man named Miran, whose parents died through the fault of a man who became his mortal enemy. In order to avenge their death, Miran decides on classic revenge: he seduces Reyyan to destroy the girl, thereby depriving his enemy of the only creature dear to him; his daughter.

Written by balkis Watching the show Hercai, it's a really great show, captivating My only problem lately is the last couple of episodes I feel a change in the way the shots are taken, the beautiful countryside dresses that Riyan used to wear now turned into a short and tight outfits that doesn't blend into the easiness that once was there These traits were what made the series so unique and beautiful now turned into a modern day look that doesn't match the authinticity of this countryside series Thanks, Rasha.

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Full Cast and Crew.

Full Cast & Crew

Release Dates. Official Sites.Although her father Hazar and her uncle Cihan are important figures in the grand family, the real leader is her grandfather, Nasuh. Nasuh has been mistreating Reyyan, he was always more considerate of her cousin Yaren.

The reason of it is that Reyyan is not his biological granddaughter.

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Being unaware of this fact, Reyyan, goes riding and when Miran's car approaches, the horse gets scared so Reyyan falls down. Miran falls in love with Reyyan and he would like to marry her. This news enables Yaren to take revenge on Reyyan since she takes away Yaren's beloved one. After marriage takes place, Miran and Reyyan go to their mansion to begin their new life, however, Miran ends the relationship after spending the first night with Reyyan.

The reason behind is that Reyyan's father had killed Miran's mother and father many years ago so Miran was brought up by his grandmother to take revenge for the deaths. Over time, the secrets will be revealed while Reyyan and Miran will try to appreciate their love despite all obstacles.Sign In.

Edit Hercai —. Miran Aslanbey 42 episodes, Ebru Sahin Sultan Aslanbey 42 episodes, Serhat Tutumluer Hazar Sadoglu 42 episodes, Ayda Aksel Azize Aslanbey 42 episodes, Macit Sonkan Nasuh Sadoglu 42 episodes, Oya Unustasi Esma Demiralp 42 episodes, Aydan Burhan Hanife Derben 42 episodes, Asli Samat Melike Astutan 42 episodes, Ebrar Alya Demirbilek Mahmut 36 episodes, Duygu Yetis Zehra Sadoglu 30 episodes, Inci Sen Nigar Katirci 30 episodes, Atilla Pakdemir Sehriyar Taskin 18 episodes, Ahmet Kayakesen Harun Bakircioglu 17 episodes, Gokhan Yavuz Riza Demir 17 episodes, Eylem Tanriver Asiye 8 episodes, Dogan Bayraktar Mahfuz 4 episodes, Burak Tamdogan Filipos 4 episodes, Eda Baslamisli Elif Aslanbey 3 episodes, Elvan Demirez Young Hazar Sadoglu 2 episodes, Kutay Sahin Mehmet Aslanbey 2 episodes, Oguzcan Ulu Young Nasuh Sadoglu 2 episodes, Haldun Boysan Dennis 1 episode, Muazzez Kirikci 1 episode, Atil Akbel Dilsah Aslanbey uncredited 5 episodes, Elif Gezer Ayse uncredited 3 episodes, Toygun Ates Edit page.

Add episode. Turkish TV series. Turkish to watch. Turkish Series.

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Turkish series I have watched through years. Share this page:. Clear your history. Miran Aslanbey 42 episodes, Sultan Aslanbey 42 episodes, What happen to Miran And Reyyan in the new 3rd Season? Who are Hercai players? What is the character? Hercai series casts, which aired on the ATV screen, continue to be the subject of research by viewers following the series.

It is not yet known when the corona virus process, which is screened on Friday evenings, will be screened with new episodes of Hercai series, which is taking a break from filming.

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Here are the cast and their character of the series Hercai's cast continues to be the subject of research by the show's followers. First Episode trailer in the new 3rd season had a huge fan base since the first episode aired on the ATV series Hercai.

So which names are in the cast of the series? Here are the detail Aslanbey is the only one who will continue his family's lineage, Miran Aslanbey. He is a cold, distant but also strong and intelligent man who was raised by his grandmother Azize Aslanbey with tales of revenge. An innocent, pure and clean young girl. He is lovingly attached to his family and everyone around him.

However, he could never see the love he saw from his mother and brother from his grandfather, Nasuh Shadoglu.

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He is the largest and indispensable leader of the family. His word is an order. What they decide, what they say is never measured, indisputable, never opposed. She's the eldest of Aslanbey Family. Azize is a ruthless woman who has suffered a lot, buried her husband, three sons, two brides, whose heart is hardened with hatred. Twenty-seven years ago, she swore revenge.

Hercai ❖ Gul BTS ❖ Ebrar Alya Demirbilek ❖ English ❖ 2019

The eldest son of the Shadoglu family is Hazar, the right-hand man of his father Nasuh. His judgment comes after his father and binds everyone. She is an honest, hardworking, trusty, loved, respected, trusty man. The only surviving daughter-in-law of Aslanbey family is the mother of Gonul Sultan.

He came from nothing and became a lady in the mansion. After Azize, it is his biggest dream to take over the Aslanbey family. He is the son of Cihan and Handan. Shadoglu is the only one to carry on his lineage. He has done what he has been told all his life, and he has been disdainful.It premiered on ATV on March 15, Reyyan is a granddaughter of the Sadoglu Family, a prominent family in the town of Midyat.

Her grandfather, father and uncle are very important figures in her life and family. However, Reyyan never felt loved in the household by anyone except her father, mother and little sister. Reyyan has been mistreated by her grandfather since childhood due to the fact she's not his biological grandchild, and the only reason he adopted her into the family is because of his son Hazar, but she doesn't know that. One morning, Reyyan goes off riding on her horse into the fields to her favorite spot that she loves to watch the sunrise.

On her way back her horse almost gets hit by a car, she falls and loses consciousness. The driver of the car is a handsome young man named Miran, who becomes attracted to her.

He takes her back home in his car and the story begins Yaren, the daughter of Jihan Hazar's brother is extremely attracted to Miran, but Miran falls in love with her cousin Reyyan causing Yaren to swear revenge on Reyyan for in her mind stealing Miran from her and ruining her life.

Eventually, Miran proposes marrige to Reyyan, they get married and start their new lives together. After spending their first night as husband and wife, the next morning he leaves her, sparking intense feelings of grief,betrayal and hatred in Reyyan for him, as she vows to never let him forget what he has done to her as long as he lives, that she will never forgive him for what he has done to her.

It turns out that everything about Miran is a lie;, the wedding, his family, his name, his background Miran's plan all along was to gain the trust of the Sadoglu family, marry their innocent daughter Reyyan and then leave her the morning after, thus exacting the first part of his 'revenge plan' and humiliating Reyyan and the entire Sadoglu family.

But his feelings for Reyyan were the only thing that was real, and his love for her was true and genuine from the moment he met her, and what he did to her he did against his will, under the guiding hand of his grandmother Azize.

Miran now struggles to cope with what he has done to the one he loves. The motivation behind his revenge is the fact that Miran believes Reyyan's father Hazar kidnapped, raped and killed his mother and shot his father. He was raised by his grandmother and told since he was a child that he has to revenge the murder of his parents and uplift his family name once again. As time goes on, secrets are revealed while Reyyan and Miran struggle with the feelings they have for each other, Reyyan with feelings for the man whom in her head she hates but in her heart she loves, and Miran with feelings of extreme guilt for what he has done to the one girl he truly cares about.

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Hercai Cast Names And Their Character

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